The Because Show – Ep 86 – Berzerk!

We go absolutely berzerk in this episode for Eminem’s new single BERZERK, listen up, yo! And, how’s your sex drive? Are you a hummingbird or a raven? Thta is just ONE of things we talk about this week. And, yes, we acknowledge that there was a 1987 movie of ‘Flowers In The Attic’. It’s on Netflix! Thank you to all the listeners who pointed that out to us. What else is going on this week?  There are a few voicemails to listen to (thanks guys!) and a new featured segment ‘If I Ruled The World’. Also:

  • Franco News – that James Franco is at it again.
  • Amy’s library update!
  • Pureology shampoo and conditioner will change your life. Maybe.
  • Miscellaneous beauty and product reviews (at the end, after the music!)


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