The Because Show – Ep 64 – Shake It

There’s a fine line between cheerleading and being obnoxious, as we find out in this episode. We talk David Bowie’s new release ‘The Next Day’, 10 years since his last album, people! We challenge ourselves with the ‘Name That David Bowie Cover’ game – easier if you have this in your music collection.  Also the release of DETROIT: An American Autopsy by Charlie Duff, we are holding the optimistic hope for the revitalization of Detroit!! It’s all “Deja New’ – the term for once you discover something, then you notice it everywhere!

Amy’s runs down her new segment ‘Cleanse Your Money Shame’. Do you seek absolution? Call us at 818-643-1565. Need more personal finance tips? Read something by Michelle Singletary.  All her books are chocked full of sage advice! Speaking of sage advice, we offer a few opinions to our listeners and help out on a dating quandary.  What else? Of Course, “Things That Are Gone (but we wish would come back)”. Mail chutes, pneumatic tubes and pink powdered soap. Yes, we’re oldies.

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