The Because Show – Ep 59 – Lego Mindstorm

Lego Slizers, Lego Rockraiders, Lego Tech – there is a whole lotta Lego talk happening in this episode. In fact, it’s wrapped up neatly in the segment ‘Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About Lego’. You will find out things you never thought you would know. Really! But don’t worry, we run the whole spectrum from ‘G” rated topics to ‘NC-17’ chat when we move onto the topic of the 1300$ Sybian toy. Can you believe a lovely listener has arranged to have one sent to us? So great. And Wrangler Moisturizing Jeans? Hear our take on this latest slippery trend.

Melted cheese, big fireplace, polkadot pajamas, heartfelt haiku…what’s not to love?  Thank you so much  to The Table Set podcast for inviting us over to their cozy Raclette Party!


 Andy, Nathan and Greg outdid themselves, again. You can hear all about it on the episode we guested on in iTunes. Serious haikus happened.

Thank you to our Bald Move Personal Arrogants pals for calling in and leaving a voicemail. So cute! And thanks so much to dear Courtney of the blog iamamess for arranging to send us the Sybian.

Again, we appreciate the feedback about our recent money-talk. We’ve got more real talk for you, tucked inside this episode. Some nuggets of truth and some snippets of fact. Enjoy!

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xxoo, see you on the next episode.