The Because Show – Ep 58 – Faux Pas

Recording a weekly podcast allows for many opportunities for MAJOR FAUX PAS! Like, setting yourself up for plenty of personal gaffes. Expressing your opinions can lead to backlash. Particularly if you are my co-host Amy and you are talking about cleaning-ladies. Listen to the early debacle that caused us to pull an entire episode down off of iTunes. Oy vey. But it’s funny in retrospect! Also on this episode, we talk:

Show Me (the meaning of the word) Inspired  by a classic Pretenders song, we give a name to our new segment on words. This week’s word is Claque (from the French claquer-to clap one’s hands): a group of fawning admirers’. If you are a word-lover, check out the Lexicon Valley podcast, a sweet listener tweeted us to tell us about this good show from Slate magazine.

FRANCO UPDATE: What has James Franco been all about lately? Mostly about his new movie  ‘Interior.Leather Bar.’ which was shot in less than 48 hours.

And we demystify the world of aspirational makeup counters, Creme De La Mer and much more….

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