The Because Show – Ep 138 Dewitos

What if Mountain Dew and Doritos fell in love and had a baby? Well, guess what? They did – and you have to listen to find out what this new amazing product will be. Yep, Amy and Jerilyn are one-on-one this week. Did you know about Singles Day in China? You will. Keep your eyes peeled for GOOP Pop-Ups popping up around you! And page by page reviews on Goodreads? They are all the rage for the dedicated meticulous reader and reviewer. Listen and learn. Then call our voicemail at 818-643-1565, please.  This week’s episode has a bit of beauty news – hear our winter weather tips to keep your skin looking great!

And you know what- we really really like iTunes reviews – it makes our hard work here at The Because Show all worthwhile to get those little blurbs of affirmation and kinship. Have you written one? It helps in a major way boost up in the rankings of iTunes and put us on the ‘What’s Hot’ page so more people can find our show!