The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The Wheel of Time – Interview with Dr. Michael Livingston

David and John introduce their plans for the upcoming Season Two of Amazon Prime’s The Wheel of Time before speaking with Dr. Michael Livingston, author of the new book, Origins of the Wheel of Time. Michael discusses meeting Team Jordan and beginning the project, the importance of fantasy as an academic discipline, and his thoughts on The Wheel of Time Season One.

House of the Dragon - Talking Fire and Blood with Kim Renfro

Kim Renfro, entertainment reporter for Insider and co-host of A Cast of Kings joins A.Ron to talk about the book reader perspective on this season of HOTD. We talk the impact of the Song of Ice and Fire prophecy on the show and how it might connect with the other GOT spinoff series, compare notes on what it’s like to be the book reader with a non-reader co-host, discuss GRRM finishing the books and debate the wisdom of rebooting the original Game of Thrones series. We wrap things up with some well marked spoiler speculation on the fate of Laenor Velaryon!