Pickle Me This – S02E02 – Mortynight Run

Morty has some troubled moral waters to navigate in Rick and Morty episode S02E02, “Mortynight Run”. Let his grandfather sell weapons to an assassin who just loves killin’, or chill with grandpa over at Blips and Chitz all day playing Roy? What ethos will eventually win out on R&M, Rick’s nihilism or Morty’s naive optimism, and what would we do if all naive optimists were stamped out? We also once again plumb the depths of Jerry’s sad existence as he is checked into Jerry-care for the afternoon.

Please check out the amazing animations of Vince Collins, who inspired the trippy “Goodbye, Moonmen” visual sequences Morty experiences in this episode. Particularly, Malice in Wonderland and Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes. WARNING: These videos contain NSFW imagery if you work in the kind of buttoned down, no hallucinogens allowed squareness office where these kind of shenanigans are frowned upon.

As always, our initial review and episode discussion are spoiler-free for first time fans, but we have plenty of in-depth discussion of spoilers and behind the scenes details when we tune into dimension BM-77 at the end of the podcast!

You can watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 on Hulu right now! You can also purchase the Blu-rays for all seasons on Amazon, to get access to great commentaries, deleted scenes, animatics, and more!

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