LWJ&A – Episode 240: “Medical Seconds”

A.Ron gets an unethical exam and watches Beastars; Bald Move celebrates it’s 10th anniversary; advice for themselves 10 years ago; Director’s Cut of Aliens; avoiding dark themes in dark times; NIN released new albums and #RTJ4 released new tracks; quarantunes; best Walking Dead episodes to rewatch; COVID-19 cults; movies they’ve fallen asleep and walked out of; UPS surveillance; Cecily updates everyone on Animal Crossing: New Horizons; Jim and A.Ron update everyone on DOOM: Eternal; Jim talks about the good ole’ days; TWD playthrough; the shame of small-town American governments; the four boxes of democracy; update on books everyone is reading; ethics of shaving a beard in a pandemic; buying a house in a pandemic; thoughts on Tiger King; stopping the spread of coronavirus; putting characters in other shows; and profiteering off of the quarantine crisis.

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