LWJ&A – Episode 222: 10/25/2019

Jim and A.Ron get straight into the questions this time, because they are on a tight schedule! They answer everyone’s burning question, WTF is up with the lack of The Expanse coverage; Cecily and Alexis’ coverage of His Dark Materials; The Dresden Files dream casting; vampires in dusters; thoughts on Dark and other foreign recommendations; should D&D have known they were writing fan fiction; gimmick products that really work; how to de-skunk a pet; thoughts on the Colts and football in VERY general terms; carpal tunnel issues; the new grand (re?) opening of the Vonnegut Museum; the possibility of an arts and crafts on a drunken lunch; where to put your cart when you are done; thoughts on when it’s appropriate to use ketchup and gravy; shitting your pants stories; bidet updates; upcoming movies; favorite movies changing in a 5 year span;  thoughts on Melt Bar and Grilled; playing Apex Legends; experience with Halloween pranks; and how to live with a clone of yourself.

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