LWJ&A – Episode 220: 10/11/2019

In this special episode, it’s the Lunch with Jim and A.Ron 5-year anniversary!

LIVE from Satan’s asshole: Jim and A.Ron talk about their first ever lunch and all of the burritos they have eaten; they sum up the 7th Annual BYPAX – roller coasters at Cedar Point and their favorite games played (meta-games included) such as Game of Thrones and Secret Hitler; we hear a sick beat Murderbear made for us; we ponder once again whether a hot dog is a sandwich; we think about the most memorable/touching lunch question we’ve ever had; how to save it for the ‘cast; water or anything else with a little bit of each other’s pee in it; J&A’s opinion on the situation in Hong Kong; thoughts on the new series Devs; would you be 15 now or when you were actually 15; we speculate on how much work it is to do this much work; whether or not we’ll get to see BLINK; who would benefit from a solo character study; our thoughts on checking out garage/yard sales and our favorite finds;  finally, how to continue (or not) following your favorite shows.

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