LWJ&A – Episode 232: “Actual Favorites Don’t Count”

Jim and A.Ron talk about how to properly roll your sleeves; the 3rd Annual Groundhog Day plans; thoughts on Picard; Warhammer 40k updates from A.Ron; required watching before CBS’ Picard; blooper reels; a classic fuck/marry/kill; things they irrationally hate; thing they hate about lunch; narrative devices that get on the host’s nerves; major theme parks everyone has been to; thoughts on Wellington Paranormal; Bald Move is 100% team zip-up hoodie; Jim the capitalist; the greatest story of all time; favorite vacation destinations if actual favorites don’t count; thoughts on Aaron Hernandez; the Baldies 2019; where Sekiro is on the list of games to play; cast of the current government dramatization; and finally, the official place for political discussions.

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