Personal Arrogants – Episode 106: Salish & Sasquatch

Welcome to Episode 106 of the Personal Arrogants podcast, and our very FIRST episode as a member of the Bald Move crew! We’re very excited to be a part of the unofficial “Best Podcast Network of the 90’s” from Gameboy Podcast Magazine. This week on the show:

• A new human species and whether or not Ligers can procreate (8:12)

• The proposed Dare Devil / Galactus trade between Marvel Studios and Fox (19:17)

• Trivia! (32:58)

• Once again, we play “Is it worse than a punch in the face?” (36:07)

• An our proposed names for the new Washington State Ferries (45:24)

• And, of course, recommendations! (52:25)

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