News – New Site, New Forums, New Format

A lot of changes here at Bald Move lately.  We migrated to new forums and a WordPress site.  Hopefully that will cut into the time it takes to get you guys an episode and we’ll be able to bring you more content.

Of course, with the good there’s also a healthy dose of bad.  The feeds are busted right now.  If you subscribe to Blue Yonder via RSS, it’s likely that you’ll have to listen on the website this week.  I’m ripping my hair out trying to fix the problem but I couldn’t say when it will be back up.

So as not to leave on a down note, I also wanted to announce that I encoded the latest episode as an enhanced aac file in addition to mp3.  It enables people with iTunes to see images and links while the episode is playing.  I’ll add it to the post later tonight along with adding the links from the enhanced version to the show notes for those people still stuck in the podcasting stone age.  Also, there will be another feed for people who want to get the enhanced version “on the regular.”

That’s it.  Hope everyone sticks around during our transition.  We’re all going to be better for the trouble.