Bald Move Prestige – New Membership Details

Bonus ContentAs has been discussed, we’re dipping our toes into the pay-for-play waters.  We’re starting a series of movie reviews, and hopefully other extra content, for a small fee.  The people have spoken, and tomorrow we’re going to see, review, and release a podcast for “Rock of Ages”, the Tom Cruise / Scientology vehicle.  There are two ways to sign up.

  1. Pay a monthly membership fee of $4.  This gives you access to ALL of our paid content.  If we just do one podcast a week, you’re already breaking even on most months and money ahead on others.  It’s the most convenient option.  And if we start doing more podcasts, you’ll be money way ahead.
  2. Pay a per-podcast fee of $1.  If you’re unsure, you can always upgrade your membership to monthly later.

I’ll admit, the way it works is a little clunky.  What I mean by that is you have to sign up for our site membership, then purchase your content, then get directed to the payment site and put in your credit card details, then back to a confirmation page and onto the content.  Jim and I are going to be polishing it as we go and learn from the experience.  We also only support one payment gateway right now, the nefarious Pay Pal, but we’ll be working on others soon.

You will be billed by “Kerkhof Lomelino Enteprises, LLC”, because that’s Jim and I’s company we setup for this purpose.  We’re working on getting an alias for Bald Move, but alas this stuff takes longer to setup than you think when you go from “wild hair up our ass to do something” to “doing something” in less than two weeks time.  We’re working feverishly to get subscription RSS feeds going as well.

We realize that probably at this time only our super-uber-duper fans are going to bother with this, and if that’s one of you, thank you so much.  You’re helping us not just monetarily, but to also refine a process that will allow us to produce more and more content aside from our current television series, which we are committed to keeping free.  We really appreciate it and all you do to support us.  Let us know if you have questions, we’re making up a FAQ about all this as we speak.