Gotham Blotter – The End

Gotham Blotter LogoHey all, Eric here from the Gotham Blotter.

Levi and I have had a blast covering the first 13 episodes of Gotham. We’ve loved to see Bullock’s development, Jim shedding Barbara and finding Leslie, and the development of the Alfred conspiracy. But, it’s with a heavy heart that we’re hanging up the cape and cowl for this show.

Levi and I do this show in our free time, and it takes up to 6 hours every week to produce the Gotham Blotter. Since we are volunteering our time, a we have set a strict listener count that would dictate whether we continue the Blotter, or focus our creative efforts elsewhere. Like so many shows, this decision came down to ratings. And while we have a small and devoted listener base, we have reached the threshold for finding value in continuing the Gotham Blotter.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who tuned in every week. It was so awesome to get your feedback and experience the show with you. I’ll continue to watch Gotham and keep up on the forums. I still love Batman, after all.

And, like I said, this is not a goodbye. I will use the time freed up by the Gotham Blotter to pursue other creative outlets. I’ve been podcasting continuously for the past 5 years now, it’s time for a short break. But I’ll be back.

Thanks again, you’ve been awesome.

And until next time – “I am the night…”