Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Wednesday 10/12/11 Edition

Sorry about the lack of news post yesterday.  I took the day off work to finish painting my decks, and didn’t have time to break away.  Where we’re from the leaves are falling, and I had to paint with one hand and work the leaf blower with the other to keep stuff from sticking.  But it’s done, and now you’re up to date with the news you don’t give a shit about.  On to more shit-giving worthy items!

The AV Club has part two of their four part interview with the Villigan.  Best part is the end, when they ask him if there are things hanging out in previous seasons that are going to come back; “Yeah, definitely. The most coy way I can answer that is that there are several things that I think are still outstanding. I guess one of them that goes without saying is the dramatic engine that started this whole series, which is Walt’s cancer diagnosis.”

The official site has the first two parts of fan QA with Vince.  Part one is here, and part two is over here.  I particularly enjoyed how Vince describes the writer’s room:  “I liken [it] to being on a sequestered jury that never ends, because what it entails is a bunch of people sitting around and arguing constantly.”

Several fans have written in about possibile foreshadowing of the end result of “Face Off”.  You can see what they’re talking about in this image, courtesy of redditors.

Jim mentioned the BrBa logo in the hospital floor as an easter egg in our review of the show.  You can see a good example of that here…  (note the blue squares right in front of Walt and Jesse.

Anita over at our Facebook site noticed the similarity between Walt’s shirt in the finale and his shirt in the pilot.  I think not only is this a good example of the full circle of Walt’s transformation, but is also probably an indicator that perhaps Vince was worried this would be the last episode of BrBa ever, so he deliberately chose to make that connection in wardrobe.

Yeah, Science!  Two articles discussing the meat and potatoes of plot elements in Breaking Bad.  How toxic is the Lily of the Valley, anyway?  And, how long does it take to dissolve a human corpse?  Hint:  the real professionals use vats of boiling lye, apparently.  A strong base, not a strong acid.

Finally, we have what is probably the final Hank blog of the season.  His reaction to the finale mirrors a lot of the viewers; “Wow. Just… wow. What a week. What. A. Week. Shit…”

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