Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Thursday 10/06/11 Edition

Sorry about the late post, you guys.  I got pulled into an all day meeting and didn’t get a chance to scrape the news until just now.

Bryan Cranston was interviewed on the latest episode of the WTF podcast hosted by Marc Maron.  He gives a very interesting story along with his take on Breaking Bad.

Bryan was also interviewed on the Today Show.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a few more comments from the Villigan about the season finale.  Nothing too spoilerish.

The Guysim… uh, guys, I guess, break down what we really know about Gustavo Fring in a well done and fairly funny montage.

The AV Club has a great interview with Dean Norris.  On what Dean thinks about Cranston remaking Total Recall:  ” I gave him a lot of shit. I said “Hey man, you guys make your movie. Don’t be concerned about comparisons to the mega-hit, genre-defining, iconic movie that I did back in the early ’90s.”” Heh.

My favorite reviewer Alan Sepinwall landed the exlusive preview scene for 413, “Face Off”.  As he notes, this is just the first 60 seconds of the episode.  It’s not out of context and spoils really nothing.  So if you just can’t wait, give it a whirl.  If you want to remain pure, stay away.

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