Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Thursday 07/21/11

This one is going to be short, because I’ve got a ton of work to do, then my company is hosting a golf outing in the mouth of hell.  Someone pray for me as I try to chip around the pits of bubbling pitch and everlasting flame.

The aptly named Dick Falkenbury at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes an inflammatory article that is down on the whole concept of the show.  Has he actually seen it?   Nah…  Anytime you have to start an argument with the phrase, “hate to sound all holier-than-thou, but…” you should probably just stop right there.

Hank’s Blog is back!  I love how, online at least, Hank is still successfully hiding behind his offensive sense of humor and tough guy image.  Obviously it’s not vital to enjoying and understanding the show, but I like how it adds an extra dimension to his character.  On his new hobby:  “I’m bidding on a chunk of magnetite right now. Some turd in Missouri thinks he can get it, but I’m gonna smack him down. This guy’s got some hard-on for magnetite, and he’s been snapping up every bit of it he can find. The greedy dick’s already outbid me in five other auctions. C’mon, doucheknuckle, share the wealth. ”

Aaron Paul is interviewed on Associate Press video about his character, Jesse Pinkman.  Money quote: “I want Jesse to find out about what Walt did with Jane.”

Richard B. Woodward posts a thought provoking analysis of Breaking Bad so far at the Huffington Post.  He offers this keen insight in it’s penultimate paragraph:  “Bromine and barium, the two elements that in the credit sequence spell out the title “BReaking BAd” do not, so far as I know, produce a combustible compound. Barium bromide, on the other hand, is a poison. I can see Walt, as the last act of his stygian journey, drinking a beaker of it or lowering himself as penance into a vat of hydrochloric acid, a molten death like that of Arnold’s cyborg inTerminator 2: Judgment Day.”  Wow, now THAT’S a predicition!  Put the man up on the board!