Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Tuesday 10/04/11 Edition

Hello!  In case you missed it, our latest podcast dropped last night around 10pm EST.  Also dropping?  My beloved Colts in the standings.  Le sigh.

The Villigan is out and talking Breaking Bad finale in several interviews.  I don’t think any of these are spoilers, but if you don’t want even the hint of what’s coming, stay away from this interview, and especially this interview.  What’s absolutely a non spoiler, and somewhat worrying to me (as a veteran of the X-Files and Lost) is that Gilligan doesn’t have the final scene of the series written yet, or even what that looks like in his head.

The creatives over at Reddit made a hilarious and rather insightful graphic explaining the competing Walt vs Gus poisoning theories currently raging in the hivemind.    Honestly, I’m leaning towards the theory that it was neither Gus nor Walt behind the poisonings.  On the other hand, supposedly Walt will do something unforgiveable before the series is over, why people think poisoning a child would be something beyond Walt is hard for me to wrap my head around.

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