Blue Yonder – Foam Huffing – Episode 49

Jim and A.Ron tackle one of the watershed issues of our day.  The god-awful disappointment of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy.  Spurned to discussion and debate by‘s recent evisceration of Episode 3, we talk candidly about our betrayal by Uncle George.  Although initially Jim is less than enthused about the top — wait!  What’s that?! GOOD GOD THAT’S PETER STREET’S MUSIC!

In a stunning reversal, Street storms the ring and drops three atomic stunners and two choke slams right on Lucas’s flabby, bloated Boss Nass like neck.  It’s all over, folks.

In other news, Jim bitches about his iPhone, the Sisyphean task of search engine optimization, lots of listener feedback, Stafa’s corner, and finally we ponder the sexual orientation the Ghost of Sparta.

PS: We’re down to TWO ninja’s in our facebook promotional contest.  Blue, and Green, masters of Ice and Leaf magic respectively.  Better get them while they last!