The Because Show – Ep 9 – Bag Ladies

Oh, so many things to talk about this week on The Because Show! We’re happy that it’s mid-November and the holidays are going to be upon us. It’s a great reason to give yourself, or go get, a manicure!

It seems that unique personalized creative nail polish is still one of the hot trends in 2011.  Susan mentions one of her favorite blogs: The Nailasaurus a spot that elevates a ladies’ nails to sparkly works of art!  How about  nail polish inspired by a movie?  We’re into it. It’s The Hunger Games Collection, being released by China Glaze next March when the Hunger Games movie comes out!

And not only Thanksgiving but also Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day are just around the corner. Will you shop til you drop? Or opt out this year? Either way works for us. Susan thinks it may be the perfect time to buy a new purse. Her old one is busted.

A good purse is hard to find! The right shape, the right size, the right material, the right closures, the right price – it can be tricky.  Amy says your purse is important in the same way your haircut is important: you have to use/see it every day so it might as well be nice. Doesn’t matter where you get your purse, as long as you love it. In fact, Jerilyn found her special favorite bag at Goodwill for 7$. Love!

But for everyday running-around-town use, Jerilyn claims you can’t beat the LLBean XL canvas bag: it can hold everything you need, is fully washable, lasts forever and can be monogrammed!

However. There is a major downside to having a huge purse/bag.  Jerilyn reveals her very unfortunate habit of throwing everything in, even things that really shouldn’t go in there.

Like a baked sweet potato wrapped in plastic wrap.


And you know what? That only covers some of the stuff we talked about this week- listen to the show to hear the whole deal. Do you have feedback for us? Go ahead and call our voicemail line at 818-643-1565. Or leave us an iTunes review, we love to hear what you have to say!