The Because Show – Ep 68 – Rabbit Hole

Susan and Jerilyn double down in this episode. They go down a rabbit hole that leads them to talk of stripping, teenage speed freaks and crispy pig cheeks. Huh? It’s all true. And! More Stephen King News. He is busy this year. The sequel to ‘The Shining’. The prequel to ‘The Shining’.  On another note, Susan gives advice to an 18 yr old on how to make ends meet in Los Angeles when you don’t have a job. OK. What else? Well:

  • Have you seen Vincent Kartheiser in the movie Another Day In Paradise? So good.
  • How much do we love our recent iTunes reviews? You wrote one, right?
  • Could you eat Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad by yourself here? It’s abattoir chic.
  • Do you know the photos and films of Larry Clark? He’s definitely not for everyone.
  • Are you going to meet us at The Golden Road Brewery in June? Please do.

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