Bad Guy Michonne – The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 1

Dare you join Bald Move into another voyage into the very heart of darkness?  Do you want to watch two guys make decisions that don’t really matter in a pretend world that doesn’t exist?  Jim and A.Ron begin the epic journey that will become know as “Bad Guy Michonne”, as we start our play through of Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne.  So, this is premium content for Club members only, and I’m not saying it’s worth a buck or two a month to join the Club just for this, but… we literally cried from laughing too hard at one point.  We’ll have the other episodes out in the weeks to come.

Not convinced?  Not sure if it would be your thing?  You can watch the entirety of our “Bad Guy Lee” and “Bad Guy Clementine” series as we played through the first two episodes of The Walking Dead video games for free.  Enjoy!

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