REGISTER HERE: https://www.ohioriverpaddlefest.org/


I’m going to post my itinerary here. If you want to hook up with me please use this info to coordinate with me and the other Bald Move paddlers. Look to our Discord channel for the event for day of event info. https://discord.com/channels/564100730206814272/1125816612713398372

PLEASE NOTE: I will have my 16 year old son with me for the entirety of this event. That means I’m not going to be imbibing any adult substances. I’m not saying you can’t, but please be discrete and keep in mind that I believe the CPD/ODNR will ticket and confiscate any alcohol they find on your person or craft before or during the event. There will be drinking opportunities after the paddle!

FRIDAY SCHEDULE: I am going to drop off my two boards and pick up my packet at the drop off location NO LATER than 6:30. I may be there as early as 5:30pm. I plan on walking around with my paddle that will have a large poster board attached that says BALD MOVE at all times so I should be easy to find at the location. Please use the discord link above as I’ll be posting my arriving and leaving times there. I plan to stay at least until 8pm to check out the festival and vendor attractions.

SATURDAY PARKING: Please see here.

SATURDAY SCHEDULE: I plan on being at the put-in by 6:45AM to watch the race start. As soon as all racers have embarked, we’ll be putting in at the water at 7:15. If you’re not around and rallying around the BALD MOVE poster by then you may be paddling alone!

The Ohio River will open to all boat traffic at 12:30pm, so I want to be off the water by noon. I don’t think that will be a problem, but please be sure your physical conditioning will allow you to paddle nine miles in heat and sun. Please make sure you have enough sun screen, water, and anything else you might need to enjoy the day safely. Please have a PFD and review all safety rules to make sure you can participate with no problems!

There will be a party after the event with food, drink and live music. It will close at 2pm which is also when the last shuttle leaves to the put-in location if you parked there. Unless the party is really lame, I’ll probably stay until roughly 2pm. If it is lame, we can decide as a group if we want to move the after party to a nearby bar or restaurant. In any case I plan to have wrapped up everything and will be leaving by 2pm at the very latest.

Area Attractions

There are things for the whole family to do in Cincinnati! Feel free to organize some gatherings with fellow Bald Move fans via our Discord and Forums!

Kings Island / Soak City

Great Wolf Lodge (adjacent to King’s Island)

Cincinnati Zoo

Scenic River Canoe/Kayak Expeditions

Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Art Museum