Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Tuesday 09/13/11 Edition

So here's the deal.  We came under sniper fire yesterday and A.Ron tried to pull a Fring. He defiantly charged right into the path of fire, arms out, yelling "Come at me, Bro!".  It was totally bad ass!

Unfortunately, he's not the head of a regional meth distribution network (though he does love chicken) so the sniper took the shot.  Luckily it just grazed his ear but right now he's in the hospital having it stitched back together.  Which means Jim's back at the helm of the news ship for the day!

So lets start it up right with some news from 2009!  Seriously, this article about narcocorrido (mexican drug ballads) might be old but it's fascinating.  There's apparently a rich history behind the style of the music video at the beginning of season 2's "Negro y Azul".

You remember Marie's blog post where she mentioned how hard it was to find things that fit into her decor?  Well, she obviously hadn't found this place!  It's either heaven or hell, depending on your perspective.

I'm constantly blown away by the foreshadowing in Breaking Bad and attention to detail that the show pays.  For instance, check out this split-screen shot of Hector Salamanca from the past and present.  Notice his chair made of wheels in both shots?  How cool is that?

And finally one more old but interesting article for the day.  It's an interview with Donna Nelson, the chemistry professor who advises Villigan on the scientific accuracy of the show.  She seems to have the right idea; don't monkey with the script, just give them the facts.

That's it for the news this week.  While A.Ron's out, I want to take this opportunity to put the call out for Twitter followers.  I think his rush of Facebook likes really went to his head.  You guys got him thinking "It's all about me!" and he made a mistake.  You could also email the both of us if you want to keep his ego in check and his face out of the line of fire.  If not, I'll see you the next time he does something foolhardy!