Bald Move FAQ

Q: What is a “Bald Move”, anyway? A: Many years ago, the guys who would later form Bald Move Productions, would sit around a gaming table and roll dice to compete for global domination of little plastic men.  Whenever someone would make a particularly daring, foolhardy, or frequently both maneuver, Jim would affix them with an icy glare and say, “that’s a bald move, Picard.”

Q: Where are you guys from? A: Bald Move broadcasts out of the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Q: What is the best way to support you guys?  Well, the primary way is to spread the word!  Tell your friends, share our links on Facebook, retweet us, plus one us on Google, anything that helps the show get a wider audience helps us tremendously.  Also, send us an email, what really makes the show fun for us is getting all the thoughts and takes from our readers.

iTunes is surprisingly important, as well.  Leaving us a five star review and subscribing helps us rise to the top of searches for “Your Favorite TV Show podcast”, and has even given us prominent spots on iTunes “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections, which always spikes our traffic.

Finally, believe it or not, but pumping terabytes of podcast traffic is expensive.  We’ve got a great deal going with our provider, but it still costs bucks, as do the beers, moonshine, and untold ounces of sweet Mexican black tar heroine.  That stuff ain’t cheap folks.  Here’s how you can support us:

  • Use our Amazon affiliate link. We don’t expect you to just buy crap to help us, but if you’re using Amazon anyway, then why not use our link?  It costs nothing, and sends us a percentage of Amazon’s cut that they’d keep anyway.  We even have an easy to remember link,!
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