Bad Guy Michonne – The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3

Just in time for the Season 7 finale, Jim and A.Ron vanquish TellTale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3, AKA Bad Guy Michonne, AKA The Stormin’ Norma Saga. Michonne is responsible for the safety and well being of several post apocalyptic youngsters foolishly making a last stand in their familial home. Yeah, this won’t end well. You gotta be a Club Member to watch it, but the good news is you can join now and get a risk free 30 day trial!

Life is Strange – Episode 5 – The Raisin Principal

The grande finale is upon us… for the second time.  Join us as we semi-wonder at all of the things we’ve seen once before.  Will it turn out exactly the same as the garbled mess of a video that we were unable to release the first time we recorded it?  Will Mr. Wells’ career and body die on the vine and wither away to nothing?  Only this episode will tell.