Commission a Podcast

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back commissioned podcasts! The idea is simple, pay us a fixed fee to watch any 2ish hours of audio/video content, and we’ll give you our opinion on it. Please note, we can’t promise to love or even like anything you ask us to watch. All we can promise is that we’ll be honest. See our Commissioner FAQ for more details.

You will be credited by name as commissioner of the podcast, and any feedback or comments we receive from you we’ll read and respond to on air! One final point, as the commission queue gets longer, the cost to commission a podcast increases to meet demand. So be sure to commission today to lock in the current price reflected below!

NEW (03/17/2022): You may now opt to commission a podcast “with ads”. That means you’re giving us permission to embed ad breaks into your commission. The price is discounted as an incentive. However, if you’d like your commission to be ad-free, make sure you select “no ads” under the “Commission Type” drop down. There is no other difference between the two commission types, and does not affect your placement in the commission queue!

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Commission FAQ

How does this work?

The process works like this. Use the form below to pay the fee to begin the commission. We’ll reach out to you within a few business days to confirm your commission and get you put in our queue, where you can track the progress of your commission. Once we watch your media, we’ll let you know whether we liked it or not. From here, you can stop the process, and get a 50% refund. Or, you can tell us to proceed to make the podcast, in which case we’ll keep all your money and make all of a podcast. You may submit any comments or feedback at this point too.

How much does it cost?


$750 or $650, depending on whether you’d like the podcast to include ads or not. Please note as the Commission Queue gets longer, the price for commissions rises. As the Queue gets shorter, the price drops. Commission now to lock in the current rate!

When will my commission be completed?

We typically can do one commission per week. You will be able to see your commission project work it’s way through the queue on this page. Please note this is not a firm commitment, as we sometimes are not able to do commissions once a week because of our overall schedule. If you need to hit a certain date because a commission is for a birthday, anniversary, or other special event, please let us know immediately so we can advise whether we can accommodate your target delivery date.

What if I’m not satisfied with the commissioned podcast?

The vast majority of people who commission a podcast have left the process very happy and satisfied. The few people who have had mixed feelings or regrets have usually indicated that it is due to us not liking the TV show or movie they asked us to review. We can’t promise to like the same things you like, we can only review it in an honest way. Some things really capture our attention, and we talk a long time, some things we just don’t have as much to say about.

There are two ways we try to do to help you enjoy the project. One, when we get your potential commission, we’ll give you any concerns we have about it. Maybe we’re not big fans of the genre, or we don’t enjoy a particular director or actor, or maybe we’ve seen the media and already know we don’t like it. Or, maybe we love it and want you to know it’s going to be a fun one! Either way, we can refund 100% of your money at this stage, or you can select a new project, no hard feelings.

The second way we protect you, is immediately after we see the media, we’ll send you a quick “thumbs up/down” impression of the work. If we don’t like it, and you don’t want to hear us rip on your favorite movie or TV show, we can offer you 50% of your money back. We keep 50% as a “restocking fee” to compensate us for our time spent watching. You can also re-up the 50% to keep your place in the queue and select a different project.

But at the end of the day, choose wisely, and have a fair idea of what you’re expecting from the podcast. If in doubt, email us to discuss your idea for a project if you have any concerns or questions! We’d be happy to advise and collaborate with you!