Secret Santa

Christmas Movies

For all Club Bald Move members, during the weeks leading up to December we'll be recording podcasts for three Christmas movies; Rare Exports, Krampus, and a super secret Christmas classic.

Secret Santa Livestreams

It was a big success last year and everyone seemed to enjoy it so we're going for another round this year.

Like last time, we're running two livestreams over the holiday season (Dec 8th and 15th). Get signed up above, mail out your gift, then join us for the festivities at 8pm EST each night on our Twitch Channel.

We'll also be creating Christmas-themed tier rankings, playing games, and maybe watching some Christmas movies if the livewatch gods smile upon us.

"Festive" Christmas Lunches

Finally, our boozy Christmas lunches have taken a "festive" turn this year. A.Ron will be appreciating the season's most beautiful trees while Jim indulges in a wine-based advent calendar to make our holiday "Lunch with Jim & A.Ron" episodes extra-special.

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Rare Exports









One-Man Manger: A Very Giamatti Christmas