Merry Scary Christmas!

Some might say it's the most wonderful time of year, but in 2021 Bald Move is saying it's the scariest time of year. That's why we're opening the gates of hell to unleash our first-ever scary christmas!

Come join us for the special christmas-horror themed celebration this year beginning on Friday, Dec 3rd and stretching all the way through the week of Christmas.

Featured Christmas Content

Santa has made a list... of all the creepy holiday content coming to this December. Click or scroll for more info.

Holiday Hangouts on

On Wednesday, December 8th and 15th, we’ll be doing fun and festive live-streams starting at 8pm EST. We’ll be creating christmas-themed tier lists, playing games, exchanging secret santa gifts, and in general getting extra "festive".

Also, don't miss the annual "A Very Giamatti Christmas" viewing! Visit and follow us to get a reminder notification when we go live.

Community Secret Santa

Our secret santa gift exchange was such a success last year that we decided to make it an annual tradition. Just like last year, we'll have an offline exchange for everyone to participate in and we'll also have a special on-air exchange where brave souls can sign up to exchange their gifts live on our Holiday Hangouts. In fact, it could be you!

Go to and sign up for one of our secret santa exchanges. There are two, one is regular old secret santa where you will be matched anonymously with a fellow Bald Move listener. The other is the same, except you’re also volunteering to wait until one of the holiday hangouts to open your present live on the air!

The deadline to register is Nov 21st for the on-air exchange and Dec 1st for the offline exchange so head over there now to be sure you don't miss out!

Christmas Movie Podcasts

Of course, we have several holiday movie podcasts laid out under the Club Bald Move Christmas tree just waiting to be unwrapped. Throughout December we'll be releasing 3 brand new, Christmas-themed movie podcasts, including a super secret Christmas classic released on Dec 20th to cap off the season. We know you’re going to love it!

Extra-"Festive" Lunches

Our boozy Christmas lunches have taken a "festive" turn this year. A.Ron will be appreciating the season's most beautiful trees while Jim indulges in a wine-based advent calendar to make our holiday "Lunch with Jim & A.Ron" episodes extra-special.

Christmas Cards

Finally, Christmas cards. For quite a few years we’ve sent out Christmas cards to all our supporters. Domestic supporters get a card, international and Patreon peeps have traditionally enjoyed an e-card of the same design, suitable for printing at home.

This time we're planning to send as many of our Patrons as possible a physical Christmas card!

The catch is, we have to know where to send them. New Patrons have the opportunity to enter their mailing address when they pledge, but older Patrons that pledged before today have not had that benefit. Therefore, if you haven't already entered your address on Patreon, please do so before the deadline to get your physical card.

Speaking of the deadline, of course we have to send these out in time to reach you before Christmas. The pandemic is affecting shipping times more than ever, which means we'll have to ship a little earlier this year. SO! You need to be a Club Bald Move / Patreon member before November 26th - which is another way to say "by November 25th."

If you wait until November 26th, you’re going to be some kind of sad, Charles Dicken’s type street urchin, stuck out in the cold looking in at all the cozy people sharing their festive Bald Move Christmas cards, having their hearts warmed. Don’t be Oliver Twist and / or Tiny Tim. Get to and become a Club Bald Move member today!

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And what holiday season would be complete without us jamming one of our favorite projects into your eyeholes? That's right, we've once again re-released Paul Giamatti's Christmas-time masterpiece, "One Man Manger." Remind yourself what it means to celebrate Christmas by beholding his majesty right now, or join us for our annual tradition of watching "One Man Manger" during our final Christmas livestream starting at 8pm on December 15th on our Twitch channel.
Giamatti is always relevant
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