The Lorehounds: The Last of Us – The Rings of Power – Bonus: New Trailer Reaction and YouTube FanFic Reviews

David and John share their thoughts live on the Bald Move Discord server about the brand new Rings of Power Trailer! Watch the trailer on YouTube here. After the break, David walks John through a set of YouTube FanFic adaptations within Tolkien’s universe. Don’t forget to join The Lorehounds for an Instant Talk at 11:15 PM ET on September 1 on the Bald Move Discord server right after the premiere of The Rings of Power!

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Sources: Films inspired by JRR Tolkien by YouTube user @philmusicfiesta.

TL;DR for the 10 of the films listed on the playlist …

Skip It

  • Silmarillion concept film (2017)
  • Troll Bridge (2019)
  • Ainulindalë (2015)

LARP in the Park

  • Shadow of Mordor (2014)
  • Rise of the Nazgul (2013)
  • The Ranger (2019)

Things you should watch …

  • Hunt for Gollum (2019 Redux version)
  • Born of Hope (2009)
  • Horn of Gondor (2020)
  • One Of The Seven (2021)

Second Age Upcoming Topics and Release Schedule
Prologue: Tolkien the man and the lands and people of Middle Earth (Jul 11, 2022)
Ch. 1: History of Tolkien’s writings and the rise of Númenor (Jul 18, 2022)
Ch. 2: History of film, tv, and radio adaptations and the fall of Númenor (Jul 25, 2022)
Ch. 3: Tolkien’s academic career and a breakdown of the Elves (Aug 1, 2022)
Ch. 4: Tolkien’s influence on modern fantasy and the creation of the Rings (Aug 8, 2022)
Ch. 5: Tolkien’s wartime experience and The Last Alliance of Men and Elves (Aug 15, 2022)
Ch. 6: Christopher Tolkien and the Aftermath of the war with Sauron (Aug 22, 2022)
Epilogue: Listener Q&A – email us and/or post in the discord (Aug 29, 2022)