The Lorehounds - The Rings of Power – BONUS: Embracer Acquisition, Amazon Updates, and LOTR Appendices

David and John discuss today’s wild news that Embracer Group is acquiring the rights to the Lord of the Rings universe! We also give you the details you need to know from Amazon’s flood of Twitter promos that are packed with information. We close the podcast with a walkthrough of the LOTR Appendices: which ones you should read, and which you can skip.

The Lorehounds - The Second Age – Chapter 2: The Fall of Númenor

David and John discuss the film, tv, and radio adaptations of Tolkien’s work before telling the story of the Fall of Númenor, a tragedy about the power of fear, which will likely be a storyline in The Rings of Power. Join us to continue our deep dive into the lore behind Amazon’s upcoming series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.