Up Yours, Downstairs! – Our Sigil Is A Wet Blanket

In their final super-sized Downton Abbey recap for this season, Kelly and Tom finally catch up with the rest of the world as the events of "Journey to the Highlands" unfold.  They chat about Lady Mary's magically disappearing baby bump, the Crawley House motto, Branson's Home Alone experience, Rose's side-boob, haggis hats, O'Brien's utterly terrifying Scottish counterpart, the long-awaited appearance of Shrimpie, the inexplicable demon/assassin/alien maid Edna, ghillies and their speak, Helen Mirren joining the DA cast, what Jimmy Kent gets up to on his days off, a Nield & the Gang spinoff and of course, SYBBIE!   Kelly reveals her childhood connection to carnies, Tom reaffirms his undying devotion to Lady Mary, and both of them come up with a great Downton-inspired name for their first child.

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