Up Yours, Downstairs! – King Fred Durst

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Kelly & Tom are joined by The History Chicks co-host Beckett Graham for their recap of The Crown S1E5. They wax frustrated about their feelings on the DO Dubs, replace King Lane Pryce's face with Colin Firth's, note Liz's lifelong taste in cardigans, discuss the relative tackiness of crowns fictional and factual, participate in some pantomimery, bristle at Mountbatten's period appropriate homophobia,and wonder if Peter Morgan is playing a deeper game. Kelly has difficulty pronouncing everything, Tom devises a nickname for fans of The Royal We, and Beckett is absolutely here for all things royal.


NOTE: I did a very poor job of recording Beckett's audio. I did my best to fix it in post-production, but I apologize, to Beckett in particular, for the low-quality audio, and I would like to make it clear that this was 100% my fault, and nobody else's. -Tom

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