Up Yours, Downstairs! – For Further Information, See The Name Of Our Podcast

Up Yours, Downstairs!

And so Downton Abbey ends, not with a bang, but with a Denker. Kelly & Tom recap S6E9 in slightly more emotional fashion than usual, but they still manage to pitch the spinoff "McG: Hospital Administrator," wonder why Matthew Goode didn't just take a job as Downton's butler, hope that the eventual Downton movie is called "In the Boot Room," promise to invite a unicorn on the podcast, visit OldPeopleBone.com, come up with a better name for Rose's baby, and talk smack about period maternity clothes. Kelly guesses we're all crash widows now, Tom provides insight into the history of advice columns, and everyone agrees that real life is the greatest Rifftrax of them all.

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