Bald Move TV – Making a Murderer

Jim and A.Ron have a LOT to say about Netflix’s documentary, “Making a Murderer”. Lots of spoilers ahead, but if you just want our opinion on whether the show is worth watching or not, rest assured that it absolutely is. We discuss the case, the defendants, the evidence, the criminal justice system in America, and ask what can we do individually and collectively to fix the numerous issues that are shed light on.

Bald Move

Bald Move TV – Baldies Awards 2015

This is it!  The guys break down their favorite dramas, comedies, actors, and discuss the biggest surprises, disappointments, and much more in what will hopefully be an annual event.  If you’d like to do a deep dive on how we made our decisions and crowned our victors, check out our full Baldies 2015 coverage with…