Bald Move

Bald Move TV – 10,000,000 Podcasts Downloaded Milestone Q&A!

You guys had a lot of great questions for our 10 Million Podcast Q&A Extravaganza, and we’ve got the answers for you. We talk about life, podcasting, whether we’d work for Chris Hardwick, our dream HBO series projects, our co-hosts most annoying traits, and lots more over a wide-ranging, ass-numbing 2.5 hour podcast. We also have video of the whole deal, which you can enjoy below.


Bald Move TV – Daredevil (2015) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Robert Packnett who commissioned us to take on Netflix’s 2015 series, “Daredevil”, with a particular emphasis on the episodes “Cut Man” and “Shadows in the Glass”. This was a particularly shrewd selection, as they both deal with the duality of the main hero and villain of the series, and their histories, similarities, strengths, and weaknesses. “Daredevil” is a series that is so much better than it has any right to be, and it’s a magical combination of the writing, direction, and incredible charisma of the main cast that holds it all together and keeps it on track, making it even greater than the sum of it’s parts.


Bald Move TV – V: The Original Miniseries – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Bobby Z for commissioning this 1983 classic piece of original televised cinematic history; V: The Miniseries. A.Ron had fond memories of this series from his childhood, while Jim experienced it for the first time. We discuss 80’s fashion, television tropes, heavy handed allegory, the plausibility of this as a first contact scenario, and the abject horror of prominent matte lines. Oh, and some pets get eaten and people get their faces torn off. That’s pretty scary too, I guess.