Bald Move TV – 405 – “A Little Late to Grow a Pair”

Cecily and A.Ron discuss episode 405 of Cinemax’s “Banshee”, entitled, “A Little Late to Grow a Pair”. While there is no denying the inherent silliness of the Satanist main plot, everything else in the episode is gold. Job transforming back into JOB!, Burton taking a chainsaw to Banshee’s beleagured Amish community, Hood having fun Batmaning Brock a time or two, and some good times are had at the sleepy little country communities one and only BDSM/Satanist hangout. Sure, why not!


Bald Move TV – 404 – “Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch”

In this week’s episode of Cinemax’s Banshee, “Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch”, we receive clues as to the serial killer’s identity and agenda, Special Agent Dushku intrigues both Proctor and Hood alike, Job keeps his shiz together long enough for Carrie to be a total badass, while Bad Bowtie Burton commits his most heinous act to date. All this and feedback too coming your way!


Bald Move TV – Banshee – 403 – “Job”

We feel like “Banshee” is well and truly back this week with some nicely executed action set pieces including a pulse pounding foot chase as well as a double/triple cross snipe-fest, they payoff of which was good enough that we’ll both forgive a little Fat Au Ex Machina. Episode 403, “Job, featured bombshell reunions, revelations, and some hot former-neo-nazi sex, and we get around to discussing it all.


Bald Move TV – Banshee – 401 – “Something from the Bible”

A.Ron and co-host Cecily take a look at the new season of Cinemax’s action series, “Banshee”, with the season four premiere, “Something from the Bible”. Maybe it’s the location changes that cause so much catching up on, but we found it to run at a bit lower octane than your typical adventures of Hood and company. Or maybe it’s the lack of Job. But this episode is “whelming”; neither over nor under. Still, heads get crushed in vices, Carrie goes Batwoman, Hood rediscovers his razor while learning the limits of busting caps in knees, Bunker is sleeping with the enemy(‘s wife), all the while the town and county of Banshee is rocked by a shocking death as we introduce a grisly sequence of serial killings. So yeah, pretty pedestrian stuff, no?


Bald Move TV – Firefly (2002)

In this community commissioned podcast, we discuss Joss Whedon’s 2002 television series, “Firefly”, which was sadly strangled in the crib by Fox, only to miraculously arise again in the form of a movie, where Whedon decided to put it down for good. We love the series so much that we watch the whole damn thing again, and the movie, and we have a lot of thoughts on the matter. We hope you enjoy this super sized reminiscing of one of our favorite Sci-Fi series of all time.


Bald Move TV – Making a Murderer

Jim and A.Ron have a LOT to say about Netflix’s documentary, “Making a Murderer”. Lots of spoilers ahead, but if you just want our opinion on whether the show is worth watching or not, rest assured that it absolutely is. We discuss the case, the defendants, the evidence, the criminal justice system in America, and ask what can we do individually and collectively to fix the numerous issues that are shed light on.

Bald Move

Bald Move TV – Baldies Awards 2015

This is it! The guys break down their favorite dramas, comedies, actors, and discuss the biggest surprises, disappointments, and much more in what will hopefully be an annual event. If you’d like to do a deep dive on how we made our decisions and crowned our victors, check out our full Baldies 2015 coverage with tons of video and audio bonus content!