Breaking Good – Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes – Heisenberg, The Cook, Jesse Pinkman, Vamanos Pest

Halloween isn't too far off which means it's time to start thinking about your costume! This year A.Ron and I have decided to go as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. We obviously love Breaking Bad and I know there are people out there who love it just as much as us. That's why I've decided to put together the ultimate Breaking Bad costume for the various versions of Walter White.




This will obviously be the most popular version of Walt out there.  You can make it as cheap or expensive as you'd like.  The easiest option would be to pick up an officially licensed costume like this one.

Porkpie Hat
High QualityCheaper Hat

The hat is an exact match in style if you pull the feather out.  I'm guessing there will be a lot of people who want to wear this thing out and about so I've included a very high quality version of the hat along with a much cheaper one.

Bald Cap
High quality kit | Costume quality bald wig
Unless you're wiling to shave your head or you don't have any hair to begin with, the bald cap is a necessity for a proper Heisenberg costume.

The high quality kit comes with everything you need to actually look bald. The costume quality wig isn't great but it will get the job done at a much lower price.

Branded Goatee | costume quality goatee
Since last Halloween, I've found a pretty good goatee on Amazon that is semi-branded as a Heisenberg goatee. If you want to get real, there are also beards and mustaches made of real human hair; a little creepy but that's how the pros roll. The goat needs to be attached with spirit gum and there's remover included in case you want to eventually abandon your meth dealer persona.

A Great Match
These glasses are a really good match for Heisenberg's sunglasses.  They're not too expensive either.

You can also go with the standard Walter White glasses since Heisenberg doesn't always wear the sunglasses.

Finally you have his black windbreaker.  It's pretty nondescript and you could probably get away with just about any black jacket.

Be sure to get a good cough going too.

The CookCooker

It's the look of the cook.  Another classic Breaking Bad costume.  I've provided 2 versions of this costume; the one that will melt into your flesh and have your mask fill up with bloody lung slurry as you wade through a random cloud of phosphene gas, and the one that will protect you as you laugh at the people who bought the first version.  The melty-flesh version happens to be a lot cheaper.  I know which one the Doomsday Preppers will choose.

Melty-Flesh Costume

Tychem Hazmat Suit

The yellow hazmat suits that Walt and Jesse wear in the show are Dupont Tychem suits, according to the production crew.  They come in several sizes so be sure to get one that fits.

Gas Mask

This is basically a toy gas mask and will not keep you from breathing anything more than a few dust particles but it will be just fine for finishing off your cook costume.


Full Protection Costume

Tychem Hazmat Suit

The yellow hazmat suits that Walt and Jesse wear in the show are Dupont Tychem suits, according to the production crew.  They come in several sizes so be sure to get one that fits.

3M Full Facepiece 6000 Series, Reusable - Size: Medium | Large | MediumSmall

This is the exact mask that they use in the show.  For the most accurate look, be sure to get the one with the rubber cover on the front, especially if you plan to actually cook meth with it.  You'll need it to cover the holes that aren't covered by the filters.  They come in several sizes which are all linked to.

3M Organic Vapor/Acid Gas P100 Cartridge 60923

These are essential to complete the look and block out all phosphene gas while cooking meth.  The pink organic vapor / acid gas are the exact same ones they use in the show so they'll obviously fit the mask I linked above.

Jesse Pinkman


If you're not a big fan of Walter White, why not get into the gangster spirit with a Jesse Pinkman costume?  After all, no Walter White is complete without a sidekick.

Jesse is pretty easy to pull off. Just dig around in your little brother's dresser and grab the baggiest, most ridiculous hoodie and jeans you can find.  Top it off with a matching beanie and you're good. So long as you're standing next to a well-executed and perpetually glaring Walter White, people will know you're not just some random gangbanger.

Here are a few pieces to get you started if you don't have a little brother: Beanie Hat | Baggy blunt hoodie | Baggy ass jeans

There are exact matches for some of the clothing Aaron Paul wore in the show (like this one from 'Hermanos').  Xzavier has a bunch of them in their "Da Grind" series.  Here are a bunch of them.

Necessary Accessory - Blue Meth!

Of course, no Heisenberg or Jesse Pinkman would be complete without their trademark crystal blue.  Cook up some homemade blue meth candy in your kitchen with this recipe or just buy the real cotton candy flavor rock candy online.  It's what they actually use on the show.

Vamanos Pest

Another fun costume would be to go as Todd or any number of his fumigating cronies with this Vamanos Pest jumpsuit.

Hopefully this will help you create your perfect Breaking Bad costume for Halloween.  If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.